Sachs Shock Absorbers
Full range of shock absorbers

Dinex Exhaust Systems
Dinex UK is a provider of technologies and exhaust systems for commercial vehicles with diesel engines.

Behr Engine Cooling Systems
Behr is one of the world leaders in air conditioning and engine cooling systems.

Febi Bilstein Universal spare parts supplier for trucks, trailers and semi-trailers
One of the world’s largest manufacturers of parts and components for commercial vehicles.

Beral Brake Spare Parts & Accesories
Beral is a trademark of Federal-Mogul, manufacturing parts, accessories and supplies for aftermarket brake systems.

BPW Axles & Suspensions
Axle, suspension, powertrain, drums, hubs, disc brakes, inner tubes, hangers, Ferodo pads and other accessories for trailers

Mahle Pistons, Cylinders, Valve, Air
Piston-cylinder system components, valves, turbocharger, air supply filter modules for fuel, oil, etc

Donaldson Filters
A global leader in filtration products and technologies.

Elring Gaskets
Gaskets, Cu and Al rings, other sealing rings, cylinder head, etc.

Federal Mogul
Engine parts, sealing, brake systems, water pumps, oil, fuel, and supplies brake systems, steering system, etc.

Gates Belts, Hose & Hydraulics
Pipes, valves, fittings

Goetze Piston Rings, Cylinder Liners, Sealing Solutions
Piston rings, cylinder liners and solutions for sealing, gaskets etc. A Federal-Mogul brand

Hella Lighting Systems
Lamps and lighting systems

Jost Articulated Vehicles, Trailers, Semi-trailers
Spare parts for vehicles „articulated”, trailers, semi-trailers, couplings, connecting elements

Clutches, lighting elements, wiper blades and radiators.

Bosch Electrical Equipment
Spark plugs, batteries, ignition coil, lambda sensors, ignition plugs, lighting, electric motors, wipers, filters, horns, rectifiers, starters and alternators.

Textar Brake Spare Parts & Accesories
Brake pads and linings.

Belts, brake pads and linings.

Victor Reinz
Gaskets and o-rings.

Mann + Hummel
Air filters, oil filters, fuel filters, etc.

Lighting elements, couplings, exhaust systems, fuel tanks, bolts, brake drums, exhaust system connectors.

Differential mechanisms, gears, sprockets and solenoid.

Pneumatic elements, air valves, ABS sensors.

Sleeves rubber shock absorbers, electric cables and kits repair tendons.

Bearings and bearing housings.

Pneumatic elements, air valves, brake discs, brake elements.

Rod ends, steering rod, bolts and pivots repair sets.